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End-of-Line Flash Programming
- High Speed (EoL) Flashing and
Testing for Production


What is End-of-Line Flash Programming?

End-of-line flash programming describes the flash programming at the end of the production line after the application has already been put together and tested. This is used particularly in the series production of electronic assemblies during which the data is only uploaded after the assembly.

Thus, manufacturers are flexible to adapt the firm- or software of the device on the basis of customer requirements or changes in the product design. Like this, the actuality and safety of components can be guaranteed. Moreover, quality loss can be avoided through preceding test methods like X-Ray or soldering through which the data retention remains unaffected.



End-of-Line Flash Programming with ProMik's XDM series

At the beginning, the realization of efficient EoL Flash Programming was a challenge in the electronics manufacturing since the transfer of large data sets has to be done quickly and flexbily to maintain cycle times.

The XDM series of ProMik enables exactly this: With transmission rates of up to 300 Mbyte/sec the programmers represent a performant EoL solution, which creates the maximum possible flexibility for production lines. All requirements regarding quality and security are covered as well. At the same time, production costs are kept to a minimum.

The XDM series thus fits ideally into production processes of infotainment, ADAS and telematics, for example.


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ProMik's expertise in the area of flash programming and testing

ProMik has been active in the measurement and testing technology market for more than 25 years. Through many years of experience, the system supplier has thus been able to build up a knowhow that distinguishes the medium sized company as an expert. Besides EoL or inital flash programming, the company also acts as a partner for testing applications by means of specific tests or the comprehensive innovation SMART ICT. Furthermore, ProMik also handles the realization and implementation of cyber security. The products of the system supplier are particularly designed for complex applications and large quantities.

Advantages of ProMik as end-of-line flash programming partner

  • End-to-end Support
  • One-stop supplier
  • More than 25 years of know-how
  • Flexible realization of customer specific projects
  • Highest quality

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