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In System Programming (ISP)
– High Speed Flash Programming
directly in the production line


What is In System Programming?

During earlier flash programming components like microcontrollers (MCUs) had to be removed first from the target application and had to be inserted into the programming device to transfer the soft- or firmware into the memory. The MCU was then removed from the programming system again and installed in the target device.

Nowadays, this comparatively complex process can be simplified by means of In System Programming. With this, it is no longer necessary to remove and install the component. Instead, the flash programmer is connected to the target device - respectively to its component, PCB etc. - with plug-in connections. That way, the flash programmer receives data from the computer and the programming software can then control the flash process.

Instead of plug-in connections, a bootloader, such as ProMik's High Speed Flash and Test Bootloader, can also be used to program the application.

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In System Programmer: ProMik's MSP Family

In System Programmers are switched between PC and device to program the soft- or firmware of an application directly in-line. They thus enable full control over the entire flash process, flexibility in view of reprogramming and maximum performance regarding efficiency and programming speed.

ProMik's Multi Standard Programmer (MSP) is the most flexible component for any flash and test requirement.

The MSPs do not only include all common interfaces, but also many other features like voltage and power measurement functionalities. Besides the high flexibility, the programmers prove additionally maximum performance at programming speeds at the physical limit of the device.


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The benefits at a glance

Maximum productivity and speed
for flash programming and assembly test!


Consulting, conceptual design & implementation of customer-specific production requirements.

ProMik® Production Bootloader for maximum efficiency 

No additional hardware for Automotive Ethernet ECU (Open Alliance TC8) or restbus simulations

High speed flash programming of large memories (e.g. UFS, EMMC, OSPI)

Reprogramming of components with active security functions e.g. software updates via Ethernet, USB3 and CAN (FD)

Secure OEM backend connection via encrypted communication

Support of latest automotive Ethernet standards (e.g. 100/1000BASE-T1)

Reduction of bottlenecks such as long test routines and programming of large memories

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Your System Partner
for integrated Flash- und Test solutions
for electronics manufacturing



ProMik's expertise in the area of In System Programming and Testing

ProMik has established itself as a technology leader for test and flash solutions through decades of experience. Besides flash programming, the company also acts as a partner for testing applications by means of FCTs, Boundary Scan or the comprehensive innovation SMART ICT. Furthermore, the system supplier has recognized the increased requirements for protection against cyber attacks in sectors such as the automotive industry and offers high-quality cyber security solutions.

Advantages of In System Programming

  • Higher flexibility
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Simplification of the supply chain
  • Short-term software updates
  • Traceability (MES)