09. März 2021

Holistic Programming and Test Solution for Complex Gateway Applications!

Libraries for In-System-Programming, SMART ICT, Boundary Scan, Peripheral Testing & Functional Testing.

We extend our device support with the NXP S32G. NXP's vehicle network processor combines ASIL D safety, hardware security, high-performance real-time and application processing, and network acceleration for service-oriented gateways, domain controllers, and security coprocessors. The versatile S32G processor delivers enhanced performance and networking to enable the next generation of automotive gateways and architectures.

NXP S32G for Complex
Gateway Applications

  • High Speed Programming 
  • High Speed Boundary Scan
  • Customized Bootloader Development
  • Library for Peripheral Testing 


  • Reading of ADC pins
  • Reading/writing/toggling of GPIOs
  • Automated writing of dynamic data
  • Flashing of attached memories without test pad access via ProMik bootloader
  • Ultra High Speed Flashing of attached via test pad

Exemplary Use Case: Flash Programming Strategy

With our new device driver you can also run special test functions directly on the Flashstation. Save yourself an additional investment in hardware and use our Multi Standard Programmer family for additional functions in the area of testing. In future, you will benefit from high-speed transfer rates not only for programming, but also for testing. Even with boundary scan test scopes, cycle time savings are possible with the help of SMART ICT.

  • High speed Boundary Scan (interconnect & infrastructure test)
  • Interconnect Test between IC's without Boundary Scan 
  • MCU test functions
  • Realization of application power up sequence
  • Voltage and current measurement (run, sleep)
  • Peripheral device and component tests
  • Direct and indirect tests of glue logic elements
  • Fieldbus communication and interface tests
  • Direct and indirect functional tests
  • Memory tests (eMMC, Flash, RAM even PCIe or DDR4 possible) 
  • Test of actuators and sensors
  • Execution of stress tests

Exemplary Use Case: SMART ICT Test Strategy


  • Up to 70MB/s for eMMC High Speed programming  via test pad
  • High speed on-board production programming 
  • Up to 10 MB/s data download for eMMC via BroadR-Reach (IEEE100 Base-T1)     
  • Fullfilling OEM Cyber Security requirements
  • Parallel testing and flashing in ONE step
  • Increased test coverage
  • Lower production costs
  • Early defect part detection
  • No need for fixture integration