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Flash Programming Production -
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Flash Programming Production Relevance

Flash programming is experiencing a new level of importance with increasingly complex technologies. Whereas in the past it was only part of in-circuit testing (ICT), flash programming is now so complex that it has developed into a production step in its own right. Since flash programming is a highly technical process, it requires the right know-how. However, with experts like ProMik, customers are ideally equipped. With flexible programming devices and software as well as comprehensive security thanks to ProMik's cyber security solutions, customers can easily implement even high volumes of complex applications.

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Flash Programming Production: Use Case

In the production chain, flash programming usually follows the assembly of the PCB. In this case, it is referred to as on-board programming. This means that the components of the PCB are not exposed to any risk with regard to test procedures such as X-raying or soldering, which means that data retention remains unaffected.

The programming device is connected between the computer and the application. The flash process can be controlled using the programming software, which runs on the computer. In-system programmers allow flexibility with regard to reprogramming, maximum performance and low programming speeds.

An example of the flash programming of a high-tech innovation is shown on the right. Two programmers were used for the telematics system - the XDM-USB and MSP2100Net. The MCUs were programmed via various interfaces. This included the programming of a ProMik bootloader and a software update of the NXP i.MX6


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ProMik's expertise in the area of Flash Programming for Production

ProMik's solutions are used in the automotive and industrial sectors in particular. The products have been convincing for decades thanks to their advantages in terms of quality, costs and efficiency. Thanks to the company's specialization in flash programming, customers are guaranteed targeted, highly professional solutions for production, which are accompanied by competent support. ProMik has been able to demonstrate this know-how in over 5,000 projects.

One-stop supplier

ProMik has been active as a system supplier in the electronics industry for more than 25 years. The medium-sized company offers a wide range of reliable hardware and software solutions for flash programming and for testing individual PCBs, multiple boards or housed assemblies

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